Land Surveys

Topographic Surveys

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying uses state of the art Trimble instruments to conduct topographic surveys. Topographic surveys map terrestrial contours, existing utilities, roads, buildings, natural boundaries and elevations. These digital elevation models are used by architects, engineers and planners for designing roads, subdivisions, volumetric areas and residential planning. 

Subdivision Planning

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying will work will architects, engineers and planners to provide all the required information including topographical data, the location of existing legal boundary monuments, confirmation that the design meets municipal zoning requirements, the preparation of plans for approval to ensure the subdivision process is completed as efficiently and cost effective as possible. 

Building Layouts

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying provides the necessary services required when constructing a new commercial or residential building.

  1. Excavation layout.
  2. Foundation layout to ensure correct front, rear and side set-backs.
  3. Issue of a Building Location Certificate after the pour.  

Residential Surveys

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying conducts topographic surveys, sets site benchmarks, provides excavation and form layouts, confirms forms prior to a pour, and issues Building Location Certificates.  Contact us to discuss your site specific requirements. 

Mortgage Certificates

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying will issue Building Location Certificates as may be required by lawyers/notaries, and financial institutions when purchasing an home. 

Other Services

INITIAL. Geomatics & Land Surveying other services include:

  • Monitoring 
  • Strata Plans
  • Posting Plans
  • Easement Plans